About Us

GoodsRight was born from a passion for beautiful, thoughtfully designed spaces. Our founders started GoodsRight after realizing the challenge of finding unique and meaningful decorations that resonated with their personal aesthetics. With backgrounds in design, they set out to curate a selection of decorative pieces that celebrate craftsmanship and style.

From intricate wall hangings to elegant tabletop decor, each piece at GoodsRight is selected with an eye for detail and quality. Our collections are sourced globally, ensuring a variety of styles from artisan communities around the world. We pride ourselves on offering items that are not only beautiful but also sustainably produced.

Our mission is to enrich lives through art and decoration, making beautiful and sustainable decor accessible to all. Looking ahead, we aim to expand our reach, introducing more artisanal crafts to a broader audience and fostering an appreciation for global artistry.

GoodsRight stands out for its commitment to quality and uniqueness. Each item tells a story, and we strive to bring these stories to your doorstep. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every purchase is met with delight.

At GoodsRight

we believe that every space deserves a touch of creativity and personal flair. Located in ROOM A1-13, FLOOR 3, YEE LIM INDUSTRIAL CENTRE 2-28 KWAI LOK STREET, KWAI CHUNG HK, we specialize in offering a diverse range of decorative items that transform any room into a visually stunning environment.

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Sustainability and Community Involvement

We are committed to sustainability, carefully selecting suppliers who adhere to ethical production practices. Our involvement in the community includes supporting local art schools and environmental initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to social responsibility.